Health Problems and Admission?

  1. I feel like I've asked a zillion questions of each of you, but I have yet another. I've been considering CRNA a long time and now am in my 2nd year of ADN. I already have a BS in biology, so all I need is my RN and some ICU experience and I'll be set. (Hopefully) However, I've been reading about different schools and there seems to be an underlying issue of 'health' in CRNAs. I realize this is important when working with patients. However, I'm worried that my health problems will hinder my admittance. Let me give you a little background. Had a Brain Tumor on my pit gland in 1991. Since then developed panhypopit, diabetes insipidus, panhypothyroid, and secondary addisons disease. All of these are well controlled with hormone replacement therapy. I work FT and go to nursing school FT, so obviously my health has endured through that. So, do you think with that 'laundry' list of problems, the admission committee's would not consider me? I just dont want my health conditions to limit my ability to become a CRNA. I also asked this of some others around town and they have told me that schools can not discriminate against 'disabilities' however, with the tight competition, they can always say it was for other reasons. I sorta feel that my conditions make me a stronger, more compassionate person. Anyways, if you'd rather respond privately, please email me. THANKS EVERYONE!!! AGAIN!! Jennifer
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    You do not have to complete the physical until after your admitted. The physician that completes the physical must certify that your are physically capable of meeting the demands of the program. The only thing they may ask is if you have a condition that would limit your ability to perform the job, or requires adaptive equipment. (legal questions)
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    Ok. Well, i do my job here and school perfectly fine. I do get fatigued, but thats from doing both FT at once. I'm hoping if I'm in school only FT, it won't be too bad. Thanks~