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  1. I wonder if some of you in CRNA school or graduates encountered a lot of group dynamics in your class. I know all classes have their own personalities, but I wonder what the general concensus is about CRNA class personalities. I have been in class since May and the true colors are coming forth. I am very laid-back, easy going, take most comments in stride, but some of the characters I have class with absolutely get under my skin. Will I get to accept the peculiar class of people who chose anesthesia. I've never been in a class with so many wierd people. Just venting and wanting some opinions.
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  3. by   lgcv
    Probably true in most schools considering you have a group of intelligent ASSERTIVE and usually fairly competetive people. We are lucky in my class as we all get along and there are no real "cliques". But, the classes before us have had a tendency to dislike each other quite a bit by the end of the program.
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    My class of 11 has a few personality conflicts. Really it breaks down to age. Those younger, the 24-30 year olds have a different attitude than the older crowd. Not really terrible but it is there.
  5. by   TexasCRNA
    AL, boy is that ever true I agree with you on the different personalitys in anesthesia school. There always seems to be so much competition among the group, lucky for me most of my class work toegather but we have a few that are always trying to make themselves look superior. In the long run you all need to stick close for the duration and help one another. No matter how good they are there will come a day when they will need help. I feel students should never develope the Lone Ranger attitude and should always accept or give help when needed. Just my opinion, Hey where are you going to school? Lee
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