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  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that I read on the Kaplan website that the GRE will change in October, 2002. There will no longer be a multiple choice analytical section, but there will be an analytical essay section. There are two required in which you must choose one side of an issue and write an essay supporting your side and one in which you must review and critique someone elses argument. Anyway, the test does not change until October so those of you who don't like to write might want to take the GRE before then if possible. Just an FYI.

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  3. by   alansmith52
    the way I see it is that this year the shcool will have applicants on both sides of the change. ie. i took it before the change you took it after. i did bad you did good. you get the picture.
    since there is no standard to go by I think the best thing to do it to throw out the analytical portion.
    of course I think that because I did terribly on that section.
    but really think about it.
  4. by   ma kettle
    I have one thing to add. I was tought with test taking , ie paper and bubble format, that the person taking the paper test actually has an advantage. Why? Because, you may not get the questions answer immediately. So by marking that question and comming back to it later sometime helps jar the memmory and you are able to answer it correctly. I am still not in favor of the computer base test. Yes you get results quicker. But , I think that the computer only can base you next question off of the last question answered. So if some where later in the computer testing process you remember , you are too late. So to me this may not be able to judge all test takers abilities.
    I guess it it will in some cases judge if you are a person who takes standardized tests well.
    To me it really tells very little to zero if the person has clinical skills when needed. Oh well, I guess it still must be done. Good luck to all.
  5. by   London88
    Sandy you are absolutely right about the disadvantage of the computer based test in that when testing most people come back to questions they were not sure of on a paper and pencil test. However the computer based test does not allow for that. I hated the test with a passion, and I am pretty good at taking tests in general!
  6. by   alansmith52
    wait a second.. I was refering to the change in the analytical section. how it will now be a writing assigment and not those same time of "figure it out" questions.
  7. by   braden74
    Should this change really concern us? Don't most schools really concentrate on our verbal and quantitative scores? Just curious.
  8. by   alansmith52
    I agree but some are still using a general score.

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