1. can anyone here give me GRE tips? I've bought all the prep books, but thought someone might have another suggestion. Thanks!
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  3. by   jsauer
    Hi jfpruitt! I took the GRE's in february and only studied sporadically throughout one month because I was fininshing my BSN, clepping a management class, and applying for school all at the same time. However, I studied on line with the Princeton Review and used the site and downloaded information. You can also have them send you a CD. The verbal section was okay. I found that a lot of the words that were on there were the ones that you saw in all the study books. The quantitative section , for me, was the easiest. This section had a lot of word problem so make sure you now how to read them well. The analytical section was okay too. Make sure you study the books and how to solve these with graphs and such! Another tip would be to make sure you can read the passages fast and beable to comprehend them at at the same time-this was a down fall for me. My score was only a 1480. I decided that i would apply with these and then take it again if needed. I got in so I didn't have to. Thank goodness!!!!!If you want me to, I could email you something else that I bought. These were really helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   ma kettle
    Jsauer with your score did this a problem in your interview.? What was your interview like ? What is the experience you have that you think that made the difference?
    Thanks Sandy
  5. by   jsauer
    I think a big difference was that I worked at St.Francis Medical Center for about 3 years previously in their CVICU. Arlene was able to ask the charge nurse of that unit about my abilities. Also, three present students that are in it now worked in the same unit. They were able to give recommendations. Use a MD as a reference preferably an anesthesiologist. Maybe you could work as a PRN in their critical care units this year before applying again. This way you would be familiar with the hospital and MD's. My interview was only about a half hour long. She did not have to show me around. She asked me about what I liked about anesthesia. She looked at my transcrpits and GRE scores. My overall QPA was a 3.8. She especially looked at my grades in stats, a&p's, any science course. She looked at my math section 1st and my analytical section 2nd. She also made sure I was ready to have debts. She stated that the national average debt of a graduating nurse anesthetist was about 160-170,000 dollars. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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