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  1. Hello past, present, and future CRNA peers. I will be attending Pittsburgh in August and am thrilled that my name is followed by those four coveted letters, SRNA. I am also thankful for others who have shared their stories on this board and look forward to helping others who will come after. My request concerns graduate nursing classes that I can take now in order to transfer into my program. I have copied a description of the classes I may take. Are you aware of any school/class that may fulfill these requriements, is cheap, and can be taken on-line. Thanks for your help.

    NUR 2003: Health Promotion (2 cr.)
    Health promotion and disease prevention are examined from theoretical foundations to clinical applications. Epidemiological principles are discussed as a basis for focusing health promotion activities and designing interventions. The impact of biology, environment, behavior, nutrition, spirituality, stress and critical life events are explored in a variety of settings. Current research in health promotion is used as the basis for identifying appropriate interventions.

    NUR 2004: Pathophysiology (4 cr.)
    This course is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive theoretical foundation of the phenomena that produce alterations in human physiologic function across the life span. Information gained in this course will prepare the student for subsequent courses related to the diagnosis and management of disease processes associated with pathophysiologic dysfunction alterations.

    PHARM 2002: Concepts of Pharmacology (3 cr.)
    Course is designed primarily for graduate students in the health care sciences who require an appreciation of pharmacology in their careers. The one term course defines basic principles of drug action, drug disposition and pharmacokinetics. Specific areas of discussion include central nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and endocrine pharmacology.
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