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  1. I need this answer please.What are the options if GPA is just <3.0 (2.88)? I am just curious because I am double bachelor's with a different major (in my BS)which is science. In this my my GPA was 2.7 however now I am in the last semester of my BSN in which I have about 3.5 GPA however the cumulative is falling below 3.0(2.88) because I have lots of credits for my first BS. I have RN license from my associates degree in nursing. I would get about one year of ICU experience.

    Can any one get in with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 however if they count my associates in nursing plus my BSN I have about 3.4 but the problem is with my first BS where my GPA is very low. Can I ask the program director to ignore my first BS since I am otherwise qualified with BSN and caliculate only that GPA. Do you mind if I call you at your comfortable time. Let me know your # if it is OK.

    Can the GRE fill this gap? I was just wondering whether the cumulative GPA from all the colleges including first BS can disqualify me from even applying since the total GPA from all schools fall below 3.0 in my case.
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  3. by   MaleAPRN
    I would talk to the director of the school that you are applying in if I were you. When I did my research before applying to CRNA school, the schools I was interested in going to required a minimum GPA of 3.5 and above. Again, not all schools are that strict. Good luck.
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  4. by   TraumaNurse
    As Vinnysca stated, it is very school dependent. I had about a 2.0 in my first few years of college ( I had a lot of fun though!), made a 3.5 in my Diploma program and 3.92 in my BSN. To my knowledge, the programs I applied to only really looked at my BSN grades and Science GPA. I was accepted to all three schools I applied to.

    Another way to improve your application is to take a graduate course or two such as Pharm or Pathophys (which you can transfer in to your MSN) after you BSN as a non-matriculated student.Make sure you get an "A". This will prove to an admissions board that you can handle graduate work and that poor grades in the past do not truely reflect your ability to handle CRNA school.