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Hello. Does anyone know much about the Gooding Institute of Nurse Anesthesia at Bay Medical Hospital in Panama City, Florida? I'm interested in the program based on literature I reviewed from them.... Read More

  1. by   Deni
    I am a graduate of the Gooding institute class of 2000.
    I strongly encourage everyone to apply. It's always good to have an "in" with someone, but this is surely not the way that it operates. I was on the board one year while I was there. Basically they strongly look at GRE scores to get an interview, after that it's up to you. It's all presentation at the interview.
    It's a great school. We do have a lot of opportunities for all anesthesia experiences. Despite the fact that Panama City is probably not well know for it's advances in health care, you will get experience with all kinds of cases. They have an open heart program, they get trauma, neuro cases, and many other things. In our senior year, we started all of the epidurals for O.B. We did all regionals, central lines, a-lines. Basically we did everything. Not everyone can say that. I graduated very prepared for my first job. The group that hired me said that I was very well-trained. I owe that to The Gooding Institute.
    Best of Luck
  2. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    Deni, thanks for the info! The Gooding Institute seems like an AWESOME school! Not a bad area to live, either, eh?

  3. by   g8rlimey

    Just wanted to say sorry for the misinformation.
    I had looked into the school when I lived in FL, and that is what I heard but decided against applying because of personal choices.
    I stand corrected....
  4. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    Hey, no problem. That is what this forum is all get all kinds of different perspectives on things. There wouldn't be much of a forum without it! I appreciate your info. as well, g8rlimey!

  5. by   g8rlimey
    I am glag to see that a wide range of schools is represented. With the class size of the Gooding Institute, I was suprised to see graduates respond. Just goes to show how small the community of SRNA/CRNA is.
  6. by   nlgsia
    Dear Angela,

    As of this week, the Education Committee at The Gooding Institute decided to increase class size to 14 students. Thought you might be interested. Nika
  7. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    Cool! I am so excited! I'm really going to check into the Gooding Institute when the time comes. Good school, I think. Thanks for the update, Nika. I appreciate it.