good news party people.

  1. I have recieved a phone call for my first interview. maybe my last.
    when I got the call I skipped up and down the unit like a little girl. (if I can say that)
    the interview is for PA hospital wich is attached to temple. has anyone heard anything or has anyone been to this program. I could use some interveiw pointers right now.
    this mean I must have looked good enough on paper right?
    P.s I am working on my avatar.
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  3. by   fence
    I'm still waiting for the first call. I have been a little slow getting apps out. Just actually go the first one out last week. Good luck hope you formal interview kills 'em
  4. by   WntrMute2
    A general tip would be to look absolutly professional. I mean a real, well fitting, Black/blue suit with crisp white shirt and well chosen and knotted tie. Do not shop at the Sears down the street. I saw a number of folks show at interviews with sports coats, no ties, obviosly out-dated clothes. None were there on the first day. I can't prove cause and effect but... I mean this for the women too. The shorter the skirt the better. Just kidding, but a suit is appropriate here too. Show up like your graduating or interviewing for the most important job of your life. it may be. Spend the money - add it to your student loans. Also bring copies of your resume, GRE scores an extra transcript or two. These schools while well organized, misplaced or didn't have enough copies of one thing or another. Bring some extras.
  5. by   London88
    I find your comments interesting Wintermute because it is ironic that I did not follow any of your advise, and when i showed up for my interview the secretary told me that she would have never guessed that I was the intended student. Her first observation was that I was not in a suit, but I was appropriately dressed, and I was relaxing reading the newspaper. Her comments were that she is accustomed to the men and women wearing crisp suits and looking so tense that she does not need to ask who the intended student is. Whilst your comments are true I find them somewhat humorous ( no insult intended).
  6. by   WntrMute2
    The point is that you impressed the secretary (at least that's what you said). Did you also impress the admissions comittee? I'm assuming that you were accepted to that school? If so you did it despite your clothes not because of them. In my interviews (4) the dress of the people interviewing me tended to be suits to slightly casual. BTW, I was accepted to all 4. I was taught that the interviwee demonstrates respect for the process and interviewers by dressing more formally than they. Better to default to that accepted practice than buck the system if you don't know.
  7. by   fence
    Any advise on writing the one page summary of why you want to be a CRNA? Do they want to get to know you? Or do they just want "I want to be a CRNA because...blah blah blah"? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. by   alansmith52
    good stuff but I am geting nervous that no one here knows any thing specificaly about this program at Temple.
    I have heard that Phili is the hood much like D.C. maybe I would have to comute in.

    as far as dress goes I am a true beliver. I was a mormon missionaries and thus have been coverted to the notion that dress is power. ( yeah you knows those guys on the bikes in the suits, I did that for two years in the philippines) I've got more suits than I know what to do with. I will probably be purchasing a new one.
    my computer is experincing technical difficulty when it comes to uploading my avatar.
  9. by   HPlayBoyU
    Hello......I had an externship this summer @ Pennsylvania Hospital.........I have a couple years to go before I become a CRNA but I visited the NA Program office trying to speak with the director. I spoke mainly with the secretary and she spoke of how the program was a good one and the professors were extremely helpful. NA students take the first 2 semesters @ Temple for the Advance Practice Nursing courses.......the program I believe is 27 months.......Pennsylvania Hospital is a great place to work......nice downtown/Center City Philadelphia........I know an anesthesiologist that introduced me to a SRNA and he spoke of how the MD's (their supervisors) were helpful in the OR..........he encouraged me to apply there opposed to other NA programs in Philly like Villanova and Nazareth.......It is not diffiuclt to get job placement as a CRNA @ Pennsylvania Hospital either.........the secretary told me about a new grad who recently accepted a position with Pennsylvania Hospital for $96,000/year.............
  10. by   Brenna's Dad
    I took Wintrmute's advice on this one, and purchased a new suit (Actually my first suit) for the interview and I was accepted to the first and only school I had applied to.

    I think this was excellent advice. In reflection, I was very niave about admission into Grad school and am very glad I found this forum when I did.

    Interestingly, the only other person I know of who was accepted was also very professionally dressed.

    The other bit of advice I received, and practiced during my interview, was to sell myself. This was not a time to be humble. I tried to walk fine line. I wanted to sound confident, yet not egotistical.
  11. by   AL bug
    Congrats Brenda's Dad. Don't you feel like the world is lifted off your shoulders...I know I did when I found out I was accepted. You'll feel like that until about the 3rd day of class when you are overwhelmed with the information in school. But by all means bask in the feeling until you start school.

    PS. start clinicals Oct. 1....can't wait
  12. by   London88
    Wimtermute you are right in that I got accepted into the program. To be honest I did not know how to dress. So I simply went with career clothing. Even if I was not wearing a suit, my attire still conveyed a sense of professionalism. And yes, I was more formally dressed than the interviewer.
  13. by   WntrMute2
    Originally posted by fence
    Any advise on writing the one page summary of why you want to be a CRNA? Do they want to get to know you? Or do they just want "I want to be a CRNA because...blah blah blah"? Any help would be appreciated.
    I believe that they want both to be included. I started with my reasons for becoming a nurse, moved into a bit about my current job/exeriences/what type of place i worked in.responsibilities and concluded with how i shadowed a CRNA during nursing school and decided that was wanted to do. I did explain that I spent the 7 years in between school and NA school furthering my education, learning new skills etc. Try not to write the "What I did on Summer Vacation" paper and you'll be fine.
  14. by   fence
    Thanks for the input. Sounds like very solid advice. My weakest aspect I think is selling my self with written word. I do much better face to face. I feel if I can get my foot in the door and have a chance to sell myself in person I increase my odds greatly.

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