goal statement

  1. Can anyone give me an idea what the schools are looking for in a goal statement? How long is adequate?

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  3. by   BikeGurl
    My statement of purpose was 1 1/3 pages long (double spaced). I basically stated what influenced me to apply to CRNA school...my health care experience, what parts of nursing I liked...I also had a 120 hour preceptorship for my BSN that I was able to do with a CRNA. It's a good idea to let them know you understand the role of a CRNA.

    You said you're getting your BSN now? Did you have you're associate RN first? The reason I ask is that if you have to do clinical hours for your BSN you should ask your teacher if you can follow a CRNA (only do this if you already have RN experience). I really enjoyed that experience, and I think it was a big plus for my application and interviews. The CRNA I followed wrote me a kick-ass letter of recommendation for school too.
  4. by   BikeGurl
    Sorry, I got mixed up. It was someone else that said they were getting their BSN