1. Does anyone know of resources specific for
    financial aid/scholarships/loans for CRNA
    programs? One of the schools I am looking at offers no other assistance other than what
    all Grad students receive. I thought that assistance existed for CRNA programs in particular.

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  3. by   Berliner
    I hadn't found much either and would be interesed in any info or insight!
  4. by   smiling_ru
    There are a couple of grants, but the schools apply for them (nurse anesthetist traineeship ect.)

    All the nurse anesthesia state associations, and the national association offer scholarships. But, you have to be enrolled to apply for those.

    Other than potential employers I can not think of any other money specific to nurse anesthesia.
  5. by   Berliner
    Other than the above mentioned, I unearthed a scholarship list that was handed out by CSUF- most are specialties in nursing, for undergrads or cultural/ ethnic groups.
    Other organizations I found that may apply to some posts I've read were:
    Assoc. of Operating Room Nurses
    Oncology Nurses Foundation
    Air Force/ Army ROTC
    Association of Women's Health Professions Scholarship program
    Health Careers Foundation
    Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization Scholarship

    Also for after you get in, and if you are going to set up your own group maybe the Buisness and Professional Women's Foundation.

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