1. Hi. I was wondering if any of you are applying to Cal State Fullerton or USC next Fall? Are there a million apps? Have you applied before or been to an interview and how was it? Thanks...
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  3. by   braden74
    I haven't applied there yet, I'm actually looking to apply to both programs in Fall 2004.

    I have spoken with people at both programs though. CSU-F told me that they get about 70-80 apps a year. This may have increased but that is the info I got a few months ago.

    As for USC. The rumor I heard is they are moving there program from the school of Nursing into the School of Medicine. You would then graduate with a MS-Anesthesia instead of an MSN-Anesthesia. They are pretty excited about it. As some people know this program used to be at UCLA and was in the school of medicine there.

    That's my two cents. Good Luck.
  4. by   Qwiigley
    I am in the Cal State Fullerton program. Last year they had 240 applications, accepted 30. This year so far they have sent our over 700 (not all of those back yet). They will be accepting 35 next year. (rumor). We have had a couple of classes with the USC program people. They are, in general, taught differently than we are. They are handed the book, in essence, and told to read and learn. (Can be part time ) CSUF students are fulltime, no other options. Mondays we go to Fullerton Campus and Tues thru Fridays, full days go to Pasadena campus. We have several specialists who lectures to us daily. Our pharm instructor teaches to us and telecummunicates to northern California school (2 sites) Samuel Merritt and their satilite in Oakland, I think. Our director was voted Director of the Year last year by his peers. (all of the other CRNA schools in the country participate.)
    I really like my program so far. Its hard, but who would expect anything less?