1. has anyone that interviewed at Kaiser last week heard back...whether they got in or not?
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  3. by   Qwiigley
    I'm at Kaiser (current student)... letters are just now going out. Decisions have been made. Alternates also selected. Hope you got in!
  4. by   nikkiE
    so....letters went out today you mean?? I live in chicago so I probabaly won't hear for a few days...can't stand the waiting...thanks for the reply.
  5. by   Qwiigley
    I've been very busy... did you get in? Who else got in???
    Would love to hear from you!

    Those of you that didn't get in, doesn't mean you won't, just means that you have to try again. People sho keep trying are given the benefit, d/t their dedication!!!! (if you are borderline for grades, etc)
  6. by   gaspassah
    i got into kaiser this year.
    baton rouge
  7. by   Qwiigley
    Congratulation David!
    We (the future Senior class) will be contacting you as well as your classmates. We will be hosting a Jr.-Sr. party to welcome you to school. You will be assigned a Sr. buddy to help you along the way. Someone you can ask questions of, to help you with papers, etc.
    I am, of course always available if you can't get a hold of your Sr. buddy. PM me for details.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You will love it!
    (get some rest now!) you won't get much in the near future!
  8. by   nurstudnt546

    I just have a quick question regarding the Kaiser CRNA program:

    I know the program is somehow through CSU Fullerton but do you have to complete the program at the actual campus? Or can the program be done through any of the participating Kaiser facilities/hospitals?

    I'm asking because I live in San Diego, Ca and am interested in possibly becoming a CRNA in the no-so-near future (currently in an ADN program) and relocating is not feasible since I have a family.

    Thanks for any responses, and congrats to all of you that were accepted into the program! =)
  9. by   gaspassah
    some general nursing classes are at fullerton, anesthesia classes are at kaiser school in pasadena, and clinicals are at 10 kaiser hospitals, and five affiliate sites, including san diego naval hospital. word on the street is " if you dont like / want to travel this may not be the school for you." basically you change hospitals once a month or so to get the most focused training poss. ie peds and childrens hospital. if you go to kaisers web site it will list the sites.
    hope this helps.
  10. by   nurstudnt546
    Thanks so much for the info, gaspassah. I was hoping that this program would resolve my problem of not having a school in my area that provides a CRNA program but unfortunately it's not. It would be hard enough to sacrifice 2yrs of time from my family without the travel commitment.

    Oh well, maybe a program will magically appear in San Diego by the time I receive my BSN??? (wishful thinking)

    Anyhow, good luck to you in your educational pursuits. You are definitely in a much deserved and much envied position (by me, at least). Thanks again for your speedy reply.
  11. by   Qwiigley
    We now have 17 clinical sites. Not all are listed.
  12. by   gaspassah
    i stand corrected i was operating off of poor intel.