Flunked out and gotten back into school?

  1. Does anyone know of anybody who has flunked out of anesthesia school and has been able to reapply and be reaccepted to another school? I'm curious? I think they unintentionally "blackball" those who have failed out.

    I have unusual circumstances and interesting story.
    If you have a story or any information I would like to know. Thanks.
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  3. by   SproutRN
    I have a friend who did not pass a class in her program and was able to re-enter the program the following fall with the next class. Unfortunately, she had the same problem in the same class with the same professor. She hopes to one day re-apply to a different program.

    In my particular program if you do not pass a class, you have to sit out until the class is taught again. I assume if you do not pass it again then you are out.

  4. by   anointed7
    Did you ever find any information about getting back into anesthesia school after failing out? I would like to know what avenue to pursue myself.
  5. by   anointed7
    do you have any information about how to get back into school if you fail?
  6. by   Pass the Gas
    If you have failed out of Nurse Anesthesia School, I would take a good look to see if this is really for you.
  7. by   luvkyaking
    First of all, I'm sorry you had problems. I've been there. I failed a class with an 82 (we have to make an 83 to pass) and our program requires us to start the ENTIRE program over again if we are allowed back in. Needless to say it's been a long three years but I'm so glad I did it, as I'm graduating in December, and I absolutely love anesthesia and know I made the right decision. While i agree, that you do need to really decide if this is what you want to do, don't beat yourself up or get discouraged. I too, had some things going on my first year that were disruptive, and it was devastating to fail by 1 point. I do know someone that was not allowed back in, but was able to get accepted at a competitor program in the area, so I know it is possible. My best advice for you at this point, is to take a little time to regroup, figure out why you failed and what you are going to do so that it doesn't happen again. You want to come to your director or one of another program with a game plan of how you are going to fix what went wrong so they know you are serious and can do it. I know several people who were in the same boat as me that are now CRNAs. So if this is what you really want, don't give up!

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