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    I am new to this board and am interested in becoming a CRNA. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the programs in Florida, specifically Barry University or FIU. Thanks for any info you can give me.
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  3. by   TexasCRNA
    Sure, see my post under, " what percentage of .... and you can go from there with your questions. Lee
  4. by   srna

    I am presently attending one of the schools in Florida. Our school accepts almost 50 students per year. Gooding institute in Panama City only accepts approximately 10 students. Florida Gulf Coast University I believe is suffering in their infancy, and has yet to graduate a class. FIU has still not graduated a class and they are brand new. They also have staff that used to teach at Barry. Barry University allows you to choose clinical sites in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and I think they are trying to get Jacksonville. As far as the coursework, Barry stimulates independent learning, and I do not know how the other schools are, but most of my learning is done independently. Barry also has the most clinical hours out of any of the Florida programs, although I must say it is very grueling. Hope this helps
  5. by   rexhuber
    I am also new to this board. I was accepted into Barry's program starting this January 2003. I am wondering which clinical site offers more srna procedures (a.line, swan, TLC) and regional anesthesia experiences. I am also wondering if you have knowledge of the advantages/disadvantages of pariticpating in clinicals either in Ft Lauderdale (Broward General, North Broward, Imperial Point) vs other Miami or Orlando sites. I'm not interested in Naples. My questions, in part, have to do with relocation and the desire for great learning experiences.

  6. by   smiling_ru
    Have heard that florida gulf coast is having some problems, possibly some shady activity. It might be a good idea to avoid them.
  7. by   UFRN
    What kind of shady activity are you speaking of? I was considering applying to FGCU and obviously, this would be important to know about. Thanks for any input.
  8. by   smiling_ru
    UFRN, I sent you a private message, as I am not inclined to post it on a public bulletin board.
  9. by   srna

    Your best clinical experience would be either at ORMC, or JFK in Ft. Lauderdale. You will only get good regional experience at ORMC, which includes epidural and spinal anesthesia. You will also get experience with central lines, alines, swans, etc. Note that you will be working much overtime, and I must say it is grueling.
  10. by   rexhuber

    Thanks for the reply. Can you offer any advice on the clinicals at Broward in Ft Lauderdale. It reads like you are going through the ORMC and JFK track in Orlando. Any other suggestions that you can offer me re: Barry or clinicals? Again, thanks.

  11. by   srna

    I hear that Broward is the most "cush", but that is only heresay. If you go to JFK you will work a lot of overtime. Most people like Broward. I hear that if you go to Broward you get the day before tests off. All this is speculation, though. I cannot say for sure, because I am not down there. This is just what I have heard.

    P.S. Enjoy yourself these last couple of months, because it is the last free time you will have in almost three years. Not to mention the stress, pressure, uncertainty, and fatigue.
  12. by   srna

    I don't do clinicals at JFK, but I heard it is intense, not much regional experience at all. You will have to go to Orlando for Regional experience in OB, there are plenty of epidurals and spinals there. Not much more advice. You will be working your but off in the classroom then in clinical. You will then have to put up with the rest of the nurses who are so miserable with their lives that they take everything out on you. You will have so much fun.
  13. by   rexhuber

    I understand how tired and at times how frustrated you must feel. I have been working FTE and picking up agency shifts (combined 60-70 hrs/wk) to build up some reserves. I have also met, listened and worked with some of the cousins of those unhappy nurses you talk about.

    Have you been approached or have you tenatively decided where you will be practicing when you are finished?

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  14. by   srna

    I have had an offer, but I am waiting until next year to really decide on what I do. The offers will come, especially from locum tenems (Agency) staffing organizations. Unless you need the money, I would not commit to any group as the salary is increasing every year. Current base wages are around 90,000 here in florida, and should be around 120,000 when you graduate. There is a big shortage of CRNAs so you do not have to worry. Up North, they are paying 160,000 per year I think in chicago. No need to rush employment as it will be there when you graduate.

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