First induction experiences

  1. Would any one like to share their first induction experiences? I have heard that it is most terrifying, but does it also come with a certain feeling of exhiliration?
    BTW I just picked up Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring by Darovic, 3rd edition. Excellent reference and a good read.
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  3. by   alansmith52
    last monday I followed a CRNA for the first time ever. strange to belive I have come this far without ever acutall following one.
    anyway. it was awsome. seriously awsome. I watched three inductions in three diffrent OR's with three diffrent CRNA's it was interesting each used a diffrent sedative and neuromuscular blocker.
    a few times the term "muscle relaxer" was thrown around. I 've heard this before also during emergent re-intubations mostly the term I've noticed is used by MDA's.
    Are they talkng about vec and roc or something else. is muscle relaxer just a nice way to say neuromucsular blocker. or non-depoplarizing blablabla.
    hmmm. anyone??
  4. by   g8rlimey
    Have not done my shadowing with CRNA hospital is med school center and we only have 2 hopital CRNA's and none that are group affiliated, so my experiences are with MDA's--but I am getting ready to travel to UCSF-Parnassus, then Mass. General, and finally I think I should be able to hang with the gas passers...
    So, the reason I asked the question aws to really get a feeling for the amount of urine to expect in my pants the first induction.
  5. by   WntrMute2
    The first time was sept, 2nd week of school. Blade and tube @ bedside. Preoxygenating, the CRNA said well he's not going to put that tube in himself and by the way, he's not breathing - go to it. Fumbled around with mask and bagging, then cold steel ephedrine and there they were. Those pearly white cords. And then a tube went between them, ventilate, gas and vent on and away we went. Not always that easy tho, lots of missed intubations since. Little kids, old people obese ones. The are all yours It is sort of a Zen thing - don't try to hard. Sort of like starting IVs.
  6. by   BRobison
    "muscle relaxer" and "neuromuscular blocker" are both nice terms for "temporary paralysis." Patients generally don't like to hear that kind of thing..........!

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