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would just like some opinions/practices from some of you out there... do you extubate deep? routinely? why or why not?... Read More

  1. by   athomas91
    trauma...when we gave sux for spasm...we then bagged pt...as the sux wore off - we still provided PPV which (if i remember??) wards off the phenomenon. as well as suctioning her....
  2. by   Palpitations
    CRHSrn, I had to be intubated. It was not fun. Whoever intubated me, intubated my right mainstem bronchus. My left lung collapsed. I awoke in MICU on a ventilator ***WIDE AWAKE***. I didn't know where I was at or what was going on. I thought that I had awakened during surgery. My hands were strapped down. I couldn't talk. I had no way of communicating. While in MICU, radiology came in and took x-rays and found that I was intubated too deeply. They pulled the tube back...took another x-ray...still too deep...finally they got it right! When I could get one of the nurses to let one of my hands loose so that I could write. I told them to keep me ***knocked out*** . Well, they didn't, of course, they were concerned about over sedating me. So, I got to be awake a lot! Sheesh! It was a nightmare from HELL ! I guess that I would have died if they hadn't of done it. I don't remember being extubated...so I guess they did it while I was under.


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    wow, thank you for the info. ... however ... it still doesn't change my mind about NEVER, EVER, EVER wanting to know about being intubated ... :chuckle maybe i should just be careful about how long i say to bag me ... or better yet ... i'll just leave that up to you guys ... :wink2:

    p.s. sorry for developing an opinion "in areas where the lack of knowledge impinges upon true understanding of what a particular situation entails." because i know you're tired of it ...