explain the medicare addendum.

  1. Can someone please explain to me, in lay terms, what the new medicare/medicade addendum means on the aana home page.

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  3. by   loisane

    I am not sure I can really explain, but I can share some insight.

    Since the supervision issue is "resolved", AANA has been focusing on the inequity of reimbursement for CRNAs who work with SRNAs. As I understand it, Medicare reimburses MDs who work with anesthesiology residents, but the same mechanism did not exist for CRNAs and SRNAs.

    From the looks of the announcement you pointed out, we may have made some positive progress on this front. Usually when these things happen, there is also a press release. I looked for one, but didn't see one. Maybe since this was just dated Friday, the press release is not out yet. If one becomes available, it should enlighten us all.