Experiences: When things go wrong.

  1. I always hear stories about how great the CRNA profession is, but the stress encountered on the job is usually mentioned briefly. I would really like to get a better understanding of what are some of the more common problems that can occur while administering anesthesia and what measures a CRNA can directly take to help the situation.

    What would you consider to be a 'bad day' and how does it affect the way you provide anesthesia care thereafter?

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    I would like to hear stories about when things went wrong during anesthesia care. Please don't admit fault on here, but please describe the situation, how it was handled, the outcome, and how it affected (if at all) the way you did certain procedures thereafter.
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  3. by   yoga crna
    Maybe I am paranoid, but I would like to know who you are, Warzone and why you want to know? I have had an experience with a lawyer or shill for one, trying to find out similar information for a potential lawsuit.

    Also, I have seen a defendant CRNA asked in a deposition who she told or if she posted anything about the case (she was being sued for malpractice). If you are a student or practicing CRNA and want some information for educational purposes, that is fine, just let us know.
  4. by   warzone

    No, you are not paranoid at all, and after rereading my post, it was WAY to intrusive. I can assure you that I am not a lawyer or even anyone working in the 'legal' field...just a guy who is seriously considering becoming a CRNA.

    I reworded the original post so it is more 'user friendly', but left the original post up so readers don't think you are paranoid.