Does this post indicate that someone is taking my Anesthesia Games idea seriously?

  1. The thread concerned the accuracy of school rankings and the concensus seemed to be that the rankings were very subjective. This just goes to show the value that competition can have for providing some degree of objectivity to otherwise completely subjective endeavors.

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    Just another point- In one state's student anesthesia bowl this year (at state meeting), a school listed in the 40's beat a top ten school. Granted, that's just one little trivia game. But it's simply a point how ridiculous and unreliable these polls are. All of the competition is---all that matters is that you end up with CRNA behind your name. I'll agree with Kevin, you have to find your fit! Do you want to go to a top ten school where you'd have to compete with residents, or a "lower ranked school" where there are no residents? OR, it could be that exact opposite situation. My advice to all SRNA wannabe's--research, research, research. Ask tons of questions. Make sure you know what you're getting into at each individual program! I gave up spots at two schools ranked higher than the one I chose, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm in the right place for me!
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