CRNA's in Olympia, WA??

  1. Anyone know of any hospitals in the Olympia area that use CRNA's?? I'm considering relocating there.
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  3. by   zrmorgan
    The two groups at Prov St Peters and Capital Medical Center in Olympia do not hire CRNAs Olympia is currently exclusive to anesthesiologists, however, there is an eye center in Lacey...I am not sure if they have CRNAs there. There is Madigan Army Medical Center about 20 minutes north of Olympia, they have both civillian and Military CRNAs there. 30 minutes west of Olympia is Mason County General Hospital...a very friendly group there. I am comuting from Oly/Tumwater currently to Providence Centralia (22 minutes on I5), be sure to send your Resume to us. Email me if you have any questions.

    There are a lot of opportunities in Portland and Seattle if you want an academic setting....OHSU in Portland just started a CRNA program