CRNA Programs in NC/SC-a liitle info

  1. Just some information I thought I would share about programs I have researched. I saw there were some questions about the program at Duke University..Well, Duke was my first choice until I found out that the there was a lot of competition between the resident program and the srna's. In fact, the srna's typically do not do many, if any, of the larger cases at Duke and most of their clinicals are completed at another hospital-Durham Regional. In my experience-a good GRE score has been over 1000 or 1100 at all of the schools in NC and SC. There are three schools I found that accepted ED experience: Duke University, MUSC, and USC. USC is taught in their medical school and does not compete with residents. USC has an excellent program and the students have no problem getting more than their share of BIG cases, as well as all of the other requirements. The average salary for a CRNA in the area I live ranges from 110K-125K/yr if employed by a facility. Locums are pulling anywhere from $90-110/hr. If anybody has some questions about programs in either NC or SC, I will gladly share any information I have found.
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    I should add that the GRE score over a 1000-1100 is just the combined verbal and quantitative portions, most of the schools in this area don't include the analytical portion in their calculations
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    Thanks for the info. I live in AZ and I'm willing to go anywhere for school since there isn't one in this state.