CRNA other jobs?

  1. Besides the basic CRNA position in the OR or pain clinic, what other roles can CRNA's do? I was reading something about hospital administration??? And is the basic CRNA/MSN enough for these? Thanks!
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  3. by   lgcv
    Some of the CRNA programs offer a masters in health administration. I can't imagine ever wanting to be an administrator, and it would be an odd road to take to get there, but I guess it could be done. I think most people who earn that degree put the information toward running their practice rather than a hospital.

    Otherwise, anywhere that anesthesia is provided is an appropriate place for a CRNA. Specialty clinics, (plastic surgery, endoscopy etc.) dental offices, I know of one CRNA who travels around to the various dentists to provide anesthesia to their patients, all of his equipment is transported in the van. He is the only one doing it so he has a TON of business.