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  1. I am starting school in May and would like to know from those of you already working in the field about your malpractice insurance. I noticed researching on the net that St Paul and TIG will no longer be carrying malpractice insurance. What companies continue to carry, and what are the average yearly premiums for someone right out of school? Do most employers of CRNA's pay the premium, or is it out of pocket? How does CRNA coverage compare to MDA as far as cost is concerned? Any info on the subject is much appreciated.
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  3. by   loisane

    If you are an employee of a hospital or group, they cover your malpractice. At least that is how it is in all the situations that I am aware of.

    The people who mainly are (directly) affected by the current state of affairs are those who free lance, are independent, contract directly with surgeons and/or hospitals for anesthesia coverage. Not typically a position for a new grad, you need some experience first.

    Even if you are covered by your employer, there is still something to be said for having your own coverage. It gives you rights to your own laywer, and more say in settlement decisions.

    Our national association is very dedicated to ensuring that we have options when it comes to professional liability coverage. This is a time of volatility right now on this issue, but I believe they are making progress.

    AANA has lots of good data about CRNA liability. These statistics are actually used to support our position that we are safe providers (low incidence of claims, premium rates have steadily declined, etc.). There is probably more details at, if you are interested.

    You are right this is a hot issue right now. But, to put it in perspective, I don't think it is going to run anybody out of business.

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