CRNA malpractice insurance

  1. just curious. When you are finished with your long education. Who much is malpractice insurance? Do you pay or is it purchased as a group thing? What kinds benefits are most groups or hospital offering?
    Even though you make a wonder $ at the end. I suppose it takes a while to recover from the loans.
    ALso, I understand there is a push for more regional types of experiences. And in some states, this is not a CRNA duty , It is only allowed by an MD. Is this right? So if only allowed by an MD, who would a student get the experience that is required, in a state that doesnot allow CRNAs to do, let alone a student?
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  3. by   kmchugh

    I can't honestly say how much my malpractice insurance is, though I know it is A LOT. Most places include fully paid malpractice insurance as a part of the employment contract, and it is covered by the employer (the anesthesia group, the hospital, whatever.) And yes, recovery from student loans takes some doing. However, with the shortage of anesthesia providers, many employers are offering some kind of loan repayment assistance as part of the employment contract. In my case, 50% of my student loans are being repaid by the anesthesia group I work for over a five year term of employment (though my contract only stipulates a two year committment on my part.)

    As for regional experience, CRNA's do ALL kinds of anesthesia, including regional blocks, eye blocks, spinal and epidural anesthesia, as well as pain clinics. As far as I know, no state restricts CRNA's from performing any anesthetic procedure. In some places, hospitals may require an anesthesiologist to perform some procedures, but this is rare. The AANA requires students to perform a certain number of regional anesthetics, and this is never a problem.

    Kevin McHugh