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  1. by   deepz
    Quote from Pepino
    .....a debate substantiated by anecdotal data gleaned from one's practice could probably be considered a "straw man" argument...

    Not strictly on those terms.

  2. by   deepz
    Quote from Gotosleepy
    ....MDs have a legislated minimum requirement of what they need to carry - which is usually a lot higher than what RNs or CRNAs have to carry. ......

    Nowhere that I know of does any State mandate 5 mill/10 mill. Are you still saying they do? Is not 1 mill/ 3 mill the standard, as I said? With few exceptions, that's the same coverage CRNAs must carry, and where it is less, MDs also can carry less -- though why they would do so is beyond me.

    As to repeating AANA propaganda willy-nilly, Goto, I'll have you to know that I always repeat AANA propaganda very carefully and with great deliberation.

  3. by   yoga crna
    You asked about physicians paying less than CRNAs for malpractice insurance. This happens in many states that have insurance cooperatives, wherein physicians have formed their own insurance companies. Many of their rates are very low depending on whether or not they made an investment in the business.

    Let's get real about propaganda. I will support the AANAs position before I would support the A$A's position, because I am an AANA member and believe that they represent my needs. The A$A has a well documented history of downgrading CRNA practice while their members make a fortune off of them.

  4. by   Pepino
    Quote from yoga crna
    Bring to facts to the table. I have studied the political and legal process of anesthesia practice for many years and would love to discuss this in detail with you. We bring our own experience with us in our professional decision making and I for one have a lot of experiences, along with education that has helped mold me into what I am. I never apologize for being a CRNA or for making a good income for what I do.

    I am having trouble determinng what points you are trying to make.
    1. still not up to it.
    2. don't believe you should apologize.
    3. my children tell me the same thing.
  5. by   alansmith52
    so if phycian anethsetists were sued 7 times more than crna's and Anesthesia is given by CRNA's 60% of the time in this country.. what does that mean..???
    I just want to say. someday if I have the energy I want to know everything you guys know. OK?
  6. by   nursegia
    Quote from yoga crna

    I know many anesthesiologists who pay considerably less than I do. I have never had a claim in 44 years of practice, but that doesn't seem to matter with the insurers.



    I was just curious to know how much per month do you have to pay for these high premiums. After paying all these insurance fees, do you still make at least 120,000 per year? How many patients per day do you see in an 8 hour shift?
  7. by   platon20
    Quote from yoga crna
    If you want to pay less in malpractice insurance premiums, consider becoming a CRNA instead of an MDA.

    You are forgetting that MDAs make more than double what CRNAs make on average.

    Average CRNA = 140k

    Average MDA = 350k
  8. by   nthemaking
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