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  1. Hi- It's great to see some activity on this board again! I'm also a CRNA-wannabe, hoping to learn as much as I can about my chosen field. I've been networking/asking around, and my impression is that CRNAs have a much higher level of job satisfaction than RNs. Would you agree with this? I know that a CRNA has more responsibility, and thus, in some ways, more stress than an RN. However, it seems that this is still preferable to the understaffed/overburdened type of stress that floor nurses experience. Again, do you agree?
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  3. by   kmchugh
    I am absolutely more satisfied, now that I am a CRNA. While the hours are long, I have greater independence, am generally more respected, and work for an anesthesia group. Don't knock that. The advantages of not working for the Hospital Corporations cannot be overstated. I can ignore the politicians and back slappers in the hospital now, and there is not a thing they can do about it. Drives em crazy. I love it.

    Kevin McHugh, CRNA
  4. by   ma kettle
    This is very nice to hear. I have yet to meet just one CRNA that is unhappy with his/her career. I hope that the current job satisfaction remains.
  5. by   jenn71
    any thoughts on the recent upsurge in MDAs' support for anesthesiology assistants? What impact do you think they will have on the CRNA profession in 5 years or so. I am trying to get an idea of what the future of the CRNA profession will be like since it will be a few years till I am out and practicing.

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