CRNA future in AZ

  1. I'm interested in knowing what CRNA's and future CRNA's think what the future holds for practicing nurse anesthesia in Arizona, specifically Tucson area?
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Good question. My bf would love for us to move to Phoenix (where he is originally from), but I have looked around and most jobs are 1099 positions for doing endo or cataracts all day, yuck! I heard it is very MDA dominated. I like to do the bigger cases too and don't want to get stuck doing MAC cases all day.
  4. by   penasco man
    I agree, if I were to become a CRNA I wouldn't want to be stuck in a region that allowed you to only practice within certain limits or on certain cases. Thanks for your thought.
  5. by   penasco man
    I agree, ifI were to become a CRNA I wouldn't want to be limited to only certain cases. Thanks for you thoughts.
  6. by   bwt02
    I attended CRNA school in AZ and can tell you that there are jobs. As the program produces more CRNA's in the state the market continues to grow and new opportunities are developing. All new grads from my program had jobs at least 4 months prior to graduation. There are jobs available and most of them are only medically supervised "on paper". Though I did not stay in AZ to practice many of my close friends did and they are happy with their practice envirnments and they are doing all types of cases and lots of regional. The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix may be the least desirable simply due to strong "Medical Direction". Hope this helps
  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    Where are your friends working if you don't mind me asking? And what is the starting salary range? I already have a job so we will probably stay in Philly for a few years, but may eventually be interested in moving to Phoenix.
  8. by   lexiRN80
    Hi bwtoz! I actually have an interview to the CRNA program at Midwestern tomorrow! Any pointers you could give me would be wonderful! Thank you