Crazy, unpredictable work schedules?

  1. I read that one of the downfalls of being a nurse anesthetist is that CRNA's have unpredictable schedules and that you are on-call and so forth. Is this true, or does it depend on the exact location of where you work? Can you just work in a hospital on an eight or twelve hour shift or is that not how it works?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    Depends on the job you take.
  4. by   gaspassah
    outpatient surgery is usually m-f no nights no weekends no call. but it all depends on where you work. hosp based with a trauma center i would think would lend itself to nights and call alot. anyplace with ob etc.
  5. by   seewhiterabbit
    Thank you for replying. I was mainly trying to find out if all CRNA's are trapped with that kind of schedule...or if you have an actual CHOICE. And you both answered that for me. Thanks.
  6. by   yoga crna
    There are an uncredible number of practice options for nurse anesthetists, including hospital practice, ambulatory surgery, office practice, OB, pain clinics and a few more I haven't heard of. Once you become a student, I would recommend that you join <>. It is a discussion group for CRNAs and students from around the country. You will get a good sense of the various practice settings, some new positions and the good, bad and ugly of certain settings.