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  1. I've been viewing this forum and the pre-anesthesia forum while completing the application process. They have both been extremely helpful. I have a few questions related to contracting with an anesthesia group for stipend funds while in school. Maybe some of you have done the same and can help me out. I don't want to get railroaded when I sign a contract. I want to be treated fairly.

    Here are my questions:

    1.How much on-call time is "too much"? Typically, are your post-call days considered days off or a regular workday?

    2.Along with the typical benefits, (i.e. medical, vision, dental, 401k, malpractice coverage, etc.) what other benefits or perks were added to your contract offers?

    3.Was a pay raise structure discussed? Was it written into the contract? How was fair-market value determined?

    4.How much vacation time is offered to most new grads?

    5.Was overtime pay for anything over 40hrs/wk something you had to negotiate in your contract or is it standard for most CRNA's to receive that pay anyway?

    I know I may take some heat from some of you for not having the 'just be happy to be getting ANY offer' attitude. I understand why some of you may feel this way and I know I could just pay from savings and take out loans for school too. However, I look at it like a business transaction, which it really is. These anesthesia groups aren't giving me the stipend money for charity. They are using this money to recruit me into their practice for x years. I want to know I am getting treated fairly in the whole deal should I decide to contract with them.

    Any of you have experience with a contract you negotiated in the past? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   catcolalex
    dont do it before you go to school, you dont know if that is the anesthesia that you want to do until you train and get an idea of what you like. you dont want yet another commitment hanging over your head.
  4. by   CRNABH2b
    I agree, don't make a decision just yet. You don't know what kind of cases you want to do, in addition to the fact that you will have better leverage once you graduate. For example, just a few months ago, I spoke with a group that was offering only 107,000 to start with 20,000 for school in return for 2 years of work. I just spoke to this group a couple of weeks ago and the base salary is now up to 120,000 and that's only cause I found out from a classmate. Basically its all what you negotiate. Start high and plan on meeting somewhere in the middle. Most places only make you take call once every 4-5 weeks. There are sign on bonuses and quarterly bonuses. Also, how one's salary increases should be discussed as well. Also, remember that you can ask for tuition reimbursement once you graduate. Go to there are plenty of employers offereing up to 30000 in reimbursement with 5 weeks paid vacation and no call, CME paid, Malpractice paid, relocation paid, etc...... So don't jumpt the gun!!!!!!!!!!!!