1. I am looking for input as to what my options are to complete more science courses. It's been a long time since I have taken Chemistry and I need a refresher. My problem is, the nearest university is over an hour drive away, and my schedule will not allow me to take on any courses that I meet several days a week. I have heard of several universities that offer online Chemistry courses with labs. Does anyone have the skinny on any of these courses and are they sufficient to meet CRNA school requirements? I would appreciate any input. Thanks.
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  3. by   braden74
    UC-Berkley offers a good online course. It is still very intense and it is accepted at a lot of the CRNA schools, I know because I already checked. To be sure about the programs you are applying to you should ask the directors directly though. U of Iowa has one too. These are two good online resources that I know of. You will have to check there websites for up to date info but they are expensive. Best of luck.
  4. by   London88
    Trauma Nurse what level of chemistry are you trying to take? If you are attempting graduate level chemistry then you need to obviously go to a university. However, if you are looking for undergrad chemistry you can do just as well at a community college, for a lot less money. All of my sciences were taken at my local community college, and I had no problem getting accepted in CRNA school. During my interview attention was paid to my gpa in the sciences, and not where I got them.
  5. by   TraumaNurse
    Thanks for your input. London88, I really am only needing undergraduate science work. It would be nice to show the CRNA programs that I can handle graduate work, but I really only want a refresher and to boost my science GPA. I will be calling the schools this week and checking into the local community college.