1. Happy Easter to all! I have a question about careplans from anyone that knows........ Are the careplans long and drawn out like the ones we had to do previously in nursing school? Do the instructors ask for all the nursing diagnoses, etc? Basically, what do these careplans consist of in CRNA school and approx. how long do they take to do each night?? I'm just curious. The nursing careplans I had to do in nursing school were awful. I hated those things. I'm just wondering if I get to look forward to doing something like that again! Thanks for the info. I like to be prepared.

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  3. by   WntrMute2
    Careplans for us consist of 1) Complete assessment as related to anesthesia of the patient. 2) Anesthetic implications of the co-existing disease. 3) Basic information about the surgery/pertanint info such as what nerves are at risk, EBL, surgical time, contraindications to specific drugs, drugs you must have on hand, specialized equipment. 4) Plan for induction, maint, emergance, post-op. 5) Fluid management 6) Back-up plan in case things don't go your way (possibly the most important aspect) Big cases with sick patients may take a number of hours to complete. No nursing care-plans tho, these you actually learn something putting together.
  4. by   TexasCRNA
    Angela, the care plans for anesthesia school are for you to learn and are not at all like nursing school. They can be long at times depending how sick or complicated the patients. Each care plan is tailored to the specific pt.

    After some time you will get repeats thus making the process easier as you go. I know I learned quite a bit doing care plans so I would advise you to keep them on a disc so that as you go and get repeats you can cut/paste for the next same type of care plan and save time.

    I took the time to put most of all the co-exist dx on disc and could cut/paste them like (smoking, HTN, DM, CAD, asthma, aortic stenosis, etc..) and then would tailor the meds to the patient along with anesthesia tech./choice. I also had the anes mgt down on disc and could also cut/paste and tailor it if needed.

    Took me a couple of months to get this going but once I did I saved much-o time-o.

    The other thing most people don't know is that you have to keep records of all the anes cases you do along with the detail list of tech., meds, pts asa status,epidurals, etc.. for these are your records they turn in to show you have met the clinical requirements to sit for the boards. At my program we have to turn them in monthly.

  5. by   TexasCRNA
    PS. I absolutely hated nursing care plans!!!!
  6. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    Thanks for the advice! I'm sooooo glad they are not like the nursing care plans I had to do in the past. They were awful. I was so afraid they would be like that.

    Thanks again for your help!

  7. by   fence
    It is great news to hear that the careplanes will be usefull tools instead of busy work. I have a big problem with nursing theory and so called "nursing dx". What a bunch of bunk.
  8. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    I'm with you there!