1. I have just left the CANA Fall meeting. It is being held at the Ritz in Pasadena. We had some really great speakers.
    Tonight, there was a cocktail reception in honor of 3 CRNAs. Joyce Kelly, Founder of Kaiser School of Anesthesia, John Nagelhout; current Director of Kaiser School of Anesthesia and author of multiple anesthesia books and Celeste (?), I'm not sure where whe was from.
    John was honored for Director of the Year. What an unbelieveable man. If any of you ever have the opportunity to hear one of his lectures/speeches, you will be pleasantly surprised.
    I found the CRNAs in attendance to be extremely encouraging. All, ALL, loved their jobs. ALL loved being active in the professional organization. People there were so excited to see students attend this conference and wanted to tell us all about what they do. The US Navy (SanDiego team) was there. What a great bunch of people. I can hardly wait to go there for my rotation. (I'm a Jr. at Cal State Fullerton, Kaiser School of Anesthesia, for those who didn't know).
    If anyone has an opportunity to attend a conference for the ANA, I think you find it to be a very productive use of your valuable time.
    Great networking, to say the very least!

    Next CANA meeting; Spring (May?) at the Venetian in LasVegas.

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