Board Exam Jitters

  1. Im getting ready to take the board exam. I've been studying approx. 8 hours a day for the past 7 weeks. I have taken several practice online and in book tests, on the average I score in the high 60th percentile. The questions are on the tests are different each time. The more I study, The harder it gets. Im burned out! Now I have doubts that Im ready to take the final board test.

    My question is for the CRNAs that have taken the test.

    Did you have similar experience when preparing for the test? Did you ever feel you were ready?
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  3. by   catcolalex
    no matter how hard or long you study, there will always be questions on the test that you havent studied for. the key is to understand the basics and work through the questions given based on the knowledge you have and the items you've studied.
  4. by   SproutRN
    I agree with the post will never be completely ready to take boards. It's more like, you are ready for them to be over!

    It sounds like you have put in good solid study time and will probably do fine on the exam. Just remember you will know some, you can narrow some down to two answers and some you just have to guess!

    Best of luck to you.......