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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on Barry University in Florida. I have been looking at their program, anyone out there go to Barry?

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  3. by   WntrMute2
    I graduated from Barry's nursing school and have friends that went to Barry's NA program so I'll pass on what I know. First, the program did not have a good reputation when i moved 2 years ago. They had no local clinical sites, the 2 sites were approx. 5 hours away. Most studentsstayed in Orlando and came back to Miami Shores weekly for classes. Class size was too large for me over 30 students and their classroom was too small, forcing people to sit on the floor. I thought that I didn't need additional hurdles to jump over. The friends of mine complained that there was very little support when problems came up (they always do). Also i met with the director once and got sort of a cold, weird, unhelpful reception. Nothing about the school stood out and there seemed a lot of negatives. I choose to move to another state to attend school (Michigan) but i realize that option is not available for all. However, FIUwas opening a program as I left and I also have friends there that are happy. Check that option out before you decide.
  4. by   rexhuber
    I started Barry's MS Anesthesia 28 month program this past January with 35 other students. I prefer Barrys MS Anesthesia degree over the MS Nursing degree at other programs including FIU because this program is loaded with science instead of nursing theory. Just one 5-12 page ethics paper, no nursing thesis. Just lots and lots of science. Like every other program, the didactics are rigorous and will keep you very busy. Consider joining a study group to make sure you really do understand the material. The study group(s) are one of the most cohesive bonds between students that I have seen so far at Barry. Don't even think of working PT. It will not work out academically for you. Barry does have four clinical sites in South Florida including Broward General Hospital, a level one trauma center in Ft Lauderdale; Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Miami; JFK in West Palm Beach and Jupiter in addition to those clinical sites in Orlando. A third of the class stays in South Florida after the first sesmester and attends on-campus classes two days/wk and clinicals three days per week. The other students in Orlando participate in classes via real-time PICTURETEL at a classroom(s) in Orlando. The students who choose to go to Orlando also have clincals 3 days/wk in the second semester. The total number of clinical cases are 900-1100 depending on S. Florida v Orlando clinical locations. Students in Orlando attending clinicals do not drive down to Barry to attend classes. They meet at the time of the lecture in a classroom in Orlando and participate in the lecutre via PICTURETEL. Also, students choose which clinical locations they want to attend, either South Florida or Orlando. In our class, no one was told they must go to Orlando or stay in South Florida. Barry is definately pushing technologically to deliver class content. All students have laptops with wireless modems. Much of the course content is provided to the students with one exception. There is no sitting on the floor, every student has a seat and the airconditioning works very well. BTW, I understand that FIU also has over 30 students in its 2002 class.

    There is NO competition at any of Barrys clinical sites with MDA residents or AA students unlike FIUs clinical sites. I am told that we will learn central line insertion, Swan, TLC, a-line. Barry has a dynamic, strong willed, newer program director who is responsive to the needs of the students, is very approachable and definately has her finger on the pulse of legislative activities supporting and promoting CRNA over AA's. I personally consider these personal and professional traits as absolutely necessary to to direct this ethically based anesthesia program successfully. The school must be doing something right because Barry has over 300 applications for next years class with the deadline for applications not until July 2003. I was told that the next class (entering class of 2004) size will increase by 10 students because of additional clinical sites that have been added. I hope that this answers some of your questions.

    For more info about Barrys program
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  5. by   ctbsurf
    good post rex.

    i agree w/ rex, i also started this semester. it has been fun so far in torturous sort of way. if you are looking to go to school in florida definatly consider Barry U.
  6. by   zrmorgan
    Thanks rex. I will be starting there in January. Looks like with appr 59 other students. Guess it wont be hard to start a study group! I'd be a little intimidated by this size but it looks like last years graduating class had 100% first time pass rate on the boards.