Army CRNA school graduates please advise

  1. Hello, I am seeking advice from alumni of the USAGPAN regarding the attrition rates of nurses who did not have ICU experience. I know that the Army CRNA program takes ICU, ER, and PACU experience but I am afraid that I will be at a disadvantage. I am planning on applying for the 2014 class because I don't graduate from my FNP program until May 2013.

    Here are my stats
    RN with 6 years of experience: Med-Surg, ER, GI
    ADN: 3.1 GPA
    BSN: 3.9 GPA
    Current FNP program: 4.0 GPA. Graduating in May 2013
    GRE: taking it in August 2012

    Do I have good enough work experience and stats to be accepted into the USAGPAN and will I be able to succeed in the program? Were there any nurses in your class that came from ER or PACU backgrounds and were successful?
    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Shimano0606
    Current student at USAGPAN. Your stats look fine. I know USAGPAN is changing some of their entry requirements since they are going to transition to DNP this year. Keep on the lookout for that. In our class are several OR, PACU and ER nurses..they are all doing well. I think the highest gpa/ranking is a PACU nurse. If you can get some time in an ICU before you apply you will increase your chances of getting in. Plus, it may help you adjust to clinicals more easily. Good luck!
  4. by   rockiesgirl
    Thanks Shimano0606,

    Your words are very encouraging, I am actively trying to get into an ICU now to get more experience prior to applying but ICU positions are hard to come by. I have been studying for the CCRN exam as well to broaden my knowledge base. Any other suggestions that would be helpful?
  5. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    Wow, I hope things work/ed out for you. I'm really thinking about this school in the long run if I can make it. I'm still a BSN student graduating this this December and am in the VA's VALOR internship for the summer at a progressive care unit. I shadowed 3 CRNAs at the VA and will shadow them again more. 2 of them graduated from the USAGPAN program, one of them a veteran while the other was a VA worker who went under the VA contract with USAGPAN, which is something I would like to do. They did tell me that the program is now a DNP and really inspired me to go into the profession. I'm hoping my stats will still remain competitive and that I'll be able to find an ICU job in a VA facility as a new grad if all goes well. Good job though!
  6. by   nomadcrna
    If you are an FNP and not in a restrictive practice state. You can find a job as a hospitalist or in an ICU as an intensivist. Might be difficult without any FNP experience but not impossible.
    ER would be easy to find as an FNP, depending on your state of practice.

    You will NOT be at a disadvantage at all.