Are there any loan forgiveness programs for CRNAs?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has heard of hospitals needing CRNAs offer a loan forgiveness program for years spent at the bachelor's level (nursing school) and for anesthesia school?
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  3. by   LeighCRNA
    You will have to search within the hospital of your choose and discuss those options with Human Resources and/or the anesthesia department. I am a CRNA who signed a 2 year contract prior to attending anesthesia school with the hospital that i am currently employed at . tHe hospital paid my tuition and books in anesthesia school as long as i agree to work for them 2 years after graduation. If i chose to leave that position i would pay back the TOTAL amount plus interest for the loan. I also know that alot of CRNA jobs have sign on bonuses and tuition reimbursement as a part of a package when you accept a job after graduation.tuition assistanship programs are out there you just have to look! Try the larger medical centers first. As for the BSN reimbursement i havent come across any anesthesia related loan forgiveness available.! GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   RRenee
    Are thery any goverment reimbursement plans for CRNAs, like if one works in a rural area?