Are CRNAs ashamed of being nurses? - page 3

I thought I would start a new thread to respond to the comment that some CRNAs act like they are ashamed of being nurses. It might surprise some of you "younger" folk that there has been (for lack... Read More

  1. by   Pete495
    Just rehashing this thread, for all the new people out there looking at CRNA. I was always taught to remember where you came from, and how you got there.
  2. by   sproutsfriend
    CRNAs spend 27+ months in disciplined acedemia environment of CRNA school, then pass a grueling board exam and learn a whole new way of critical thinking so that you can apply your knowledge and perform as an automomous independent practictioner. Unfortunately in our previous RN environment we did not function like that but rather almost in a servant role. Many physicians view RNs as an undereducated, unprofessional, technician roles put in place to carry out their medical orders. CRNAs don't want to emphasize and remind physicians of their RN past because it is counterproductive and doesn't serve to advance their newly deserved status of respected professional independent practitioner that we've managed to acquire over the years. We seem to thing that any reminder of our RN status de-legitamizes our role as CRNA so many CRNAs de-emphasize their RN background in order to preserve our current elevated status.