Anyone down around the Souteast?

  1. I am currently underway getting out appy's to Barry U. in Miami, MCG in Augusta, MUSC in Charleston, and Duke U. Anyone have any good/bad stuff about the latter 3? I have heard plenty on Barry's program.

    Also, if there's a program anyone recommends down around the Southeast, let me know.
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  3. by   TexasCRNA
    Hey matt don't overlook West VA. and the school in Richmond,VA. I know that is kinda of easing you more north but you can still make it home to FLA in one day. If you want to stay in the sunshine go to Barry, but stay in Miami this is per my buddy in Barrys program in Orlando.
  4. by   TexasCRNA
    one more thing, what the hell happen to the Gators today?? I am so pissed. I think we need a new coach, bring back Spurrier!!!
  5. by   g8rlimey

    Hey Matt--check out VCU, excellent program.
  6. by   Gardengal
    i don't know anything about the nurse anesthetist program at MUSC, but recieved my MSN at MUSC in Charleston in 1988. Loved Charleston, Loved the program, would have stayed if i wasn't so northern oriented with my family all up north.

    I maintain many friendships in Charleston 12 years later. I think that says a lot about a university community . I go back for visits at least every couple years.

    There are several hosptals affiliated with the programs at MUSC so I believe that you would get a varied selection of clinical opportunities.

    I really don't know anything about the other programs you mentioned. Good luk in your choices.
  7. by   blazeboy97
    I am finishing up my first semester at MCG in Augusta, GA. This program is very good and I am looking forward to the level of knowledge and skills that I will obtain from here. The first two semesters are completely didactic. Simulator lab comes in the second semester and clinicals start in third semester. You will have to travel around GA for the rural rotations (later in the program) but I hear they are not bad. Most clinical is set in Augusta. Make sure you get you app there by Dec. 15. Hopefully will see you in February at the interviews.

    Kimmi :roll
  8. by   ufmatt
    gowkout----i was wondering what your buddy had to say about the Orlando clinicals of Barry's program. Is there only 1 hospital participating, or is he unhappy with distance learning or what?

    Also, I have no idea what in the world is wrong with my beloved
    Gators, but there is always next year.

  9. by   g8rlimey

    Ron Zook is what's wrong
  10. by   TexasCRNA
    Matt, he said you go to about 3 or 4 different hospitals in the area, like ORMC, Arnold Palmer, Sand lake , and some other outpt settings. They are all pretty close but he told me the other day he went into to clinical at 3pm and for the first part of the shift all he did was give breaks then he was off to do pre-ops after that they sent him to a different hospital do cases. They just dont work 7-3 there they may do 3-11 or 7-3 and on weekends they dont do 24hr shifts but they do sat 12hrs and sun 12hrs. If a case goes past 3 they have to stay and finish the case or cases and get comp time later for that extra time. he said the students in Miami dont have to do as many clinical days compared to the o class. they start out at 4 days a week then go to five days a week whereas miami class does 3 then 4. In the long run you will get all your numbers at both places. They also supply you with a dorm room free of charge in o and you dont get one in miami So I guess thats some kind of compensation. Said if he had to do it all over again he would have stayed in miami.

    The only problem I see with miami is there are too many distractions if you get my drift...

    you asked me about FO intubations, I started out learning by doing them on class 1 and 2s where I could see easily and then progressed to "real ones". I have about 12 actual FO with no help and 3 I could not get at all. I've used rigid and flexible FO and find each has its place. I prefer the flex FO scope the best. My chair of the anes dept is big on FO scopes and loves to teach so the students here get to do them. The hosp where I am at is a very busy place with lots of difficult cases. We are also the training site for the trauma residents from yale university, this is due to the all the messed crap that comes thru our doors. Alright I am gonna quit it sounds like I am starting to brag but I am just letting you know whats out there when you start to interview.
    PS, I move that we kick zook out of G'ville!!!
  11. by   ufmatt
    i caught the drift.

    and hey, I don't think it's Zook. I think it's karma associated with the absence of "The king" (spurrier).
  12. by   kkrnkk
    Another school you might like to check out is University of South Carolina. The program awards a degree in Masters of Nurse Anesthesia, which means less "nursing" courses. The program is actually based in the medical school. There is NO competition with MDA's, so no problems getting your cases. Columbia is a nice city and a great central location to the beach and the mountains. The school has a January start date and applications have to be in by June 15. I went to Duke University and talked with them there. I have always wanted to go to Duke, but after comparing the two programs, I decided to not even apply there. The competition at Duke with the MDA's is horrible according to several people who work at Duke. Not only is the competition horrible, but I also understand there is quite a rift between the nursing program and med school there. I was told the snra's typically have to go to outlying areas instead of getting the good cases at DURMC. I start school at USC next week, so I can let you know what I really think of it later. Good Luck!
  13. by   ufmatt
    ...for the 411 on USC. I would love to hear more, so if you have any other info I would greatly appreciate it. I also PM'd you. See ya around,
  14. by   srna
    Originally posted by ufmatt
    gowkout----i was wondering what your buddy had to say about the Orlando clinicals of Barry's program. Is there only 1 hospital participating, or is he unhappy with distance learning or what?

    Also, I have no idea what in the world is wrong with my beloved
    Gators, but there is always next year.


    The anesthesia group in Orlando will no longer be providing free room and board from what I am hearing. I will also just clarify, that Miami is not all that nice. It is in fact, pretty crappy. There is also little time to do any "extra-curricular activity". Hope this helps you out.

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