Anybody a GANNON University applicant/Alum?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Has anyone applied at Gannon University? Or was an alumni? I wanted to know what your opinion is about the program?

    How was the interview process? What do they focus on? Was it a laid back interview? Just wanted to get any input.

    Thanks guys!

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  3. by   mbrian46
    I am currently in my first semester at the Hamot/Gannon Univ. program. So far, so good. Based on my experience, they interview at the end of July for admission in Jan. Our class consists of 16 people. The interview was very relaxed, consisting mainly of "getting to know you" questions. We had one clinical question. They do not necessarily interview everyone that meets the requirements, but just the one's they are most interested in. I think they interviewed 25? people last year for 16 slots. The letters were mailed the following week. Most of the classes are held at Hamot (it overlooks Lake Erie, very nice). The classes are taught by MDA's and CRNA's. You do start clinicals your first semester, only one day a week, but nice to go ahead and get your feet wet. If you have any more questions please let me know.