Any crna's with type I diabetes?

  1. Wanted to see if there are any CRNA's with Type I diabetes out there. How do you manage your blood sugar during cases?
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  3. by   jewelcutt
    We have a classmate that has T1 diabetes. She has an insulin pump. But basically you get a morning break, lunch, and afternoon break. I think it all comes down to eating on your breaks and basically always having something on you. It is okay to keep a snack in your bag. I would also think that any CRNA would let you take a break if you needed to eat or adjust your insulin.
  4. by   gbbuffalo
    thanks for the reply. I wonder if your freind can check her blood sugar in the OR or take glucose tablets if needed or would that be met with looks of HORROR and be against policy?
  5. by   jewelcutt
    I think that the schools are very accomodating when it comes to having a disease, we've had plenty of students with various illnesses and pregnancy and they always accomodate. I can't see any CRNA having a problem with you checking your BS in the OR, or even eating a snack (yes plenty of people do it).
  6. by   MissJoRN
    I'm an OR RN, not a CRNA but I have 2 CRNA friends who use pumps (aak! I almost typed pimps, haha!) No problem carrying a (tidy) snack, either, A lot of us carry gum, mints, hard candies anyway. I think managing DM, or any health issue, including general wellness is actually easier in the OR than in an average ICU! Your chances of fairly regularly scheduled breaks are pretty good and you even get lunch every day! (That was a nice culture shock for me!!)
  7. by   gbbuffalo
    Thanks for the responses. When I read that for nurse anesthetist certification you must not have any physical or mental conditions that affect your performance. I wondered if potential hypoglycemic event would fall into that category. Apparently not!
  8. by   Tyler1111
    I hope to be one someday!