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  1. Hello to all ! Had a couple of questions for those who've been there and done that and could possibly send some advice my way about the Air Force's CRNA program. I was prior enlisted w/ the Army Reserve and obtained by BSN, currently have 2 years MICU experience. Working on weight requirements, sloughed off a little!
    Last I've heard it's still at San Antonio and course is w/ Army and V.A. personnel.
    I'm going to retake my GRE, I took it blind and need to raise that score.
    Appreciative of all and any advice given, possibly some P.O.C's.
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  3. by   gooseafrn

    I'm finishing up my 2nd year in the USAF CRNA program. The primary site for phase 1 is USUHS in Bethesda, Md. However, the AF does send 2-3 people a year to the Army program in San Antonio. As far as the VA, I believe they have a slot or 2 at the Army program, also. We have AF, a couple army, a good bit of navy, and a couple of public health slots at USUHS. This is the primary program for the USAF. The AF requires all applicants to have a minimum of 2 years at their current duty station, in addition to time in grade requirements, professional military education requirements, among others. The AF does not allow for direct accesssion into the CRNA program. However, it is possible to make the CRNA program your first assignment in the army, as long as you meet their list of requirements. I hope that this helps.