Accepted to Bryan LGH/KU

  1. Hello,
    First time visiting this site, and I like what I see. There seems to be a lot of good info/advice from you all.

    Anyway, I was just accepted to Bryan LGH/KU to start this June, and was wondering if anyone else out there will be starting this summer, or has recently graduated from the program. So far, I really like what I've seen and heard. I'm especialy curious about housing options and student life in KC during the first 6 months. I currently live in Idaho, and feel like I'm in for quite a culture shock. Some have told me that KUMC is kind of in "the 'hood", and that makes my girlfriend a bit uneasy. So, would love to hear any opinions and/or advice on what to expect.
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  3. by   keermie
    Good program! Live close to KUMC, not that bad. All didactic up front. Clinicals at Bryan etc have lots of regional and little competition for cases. Good luck!
  4. by   trekrRN
    Thanks for the info, K. I suppose I can live anywhere for 6 mos. to get it done. Everyone seemed really nice at the interview, and Lincoln seemed like a nice place too. I'm totally stoked to finally be moving on with my dream. A couple of nurses I've worked with that have gone on to other programs have become disappointed with their programs. Everyone I've talked to that is in or has graduated from Bryan says its great! :hatparty: