AA bill passes in florida

  1. SB 626 (AA bill) passed the House friday by a vote of 74 to 39.

    This bill now goes to the Governor Jeb Bush. If the Governor signs the bill, or allows it to become law without his signature, it will take effect on July 1, 2004.

    the only way it won't go through is if he vetos the bill which doesn't happen often
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  3. by   Sherpa RN

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the goings on in Florida. From talking to my friends who are newly christened CRNA's, they have coached me on the lobbying power of the ASA. Any gouge on how strong the AANA lobby is in Florida? Any rebuttals from the National AANA? Campaigns by AANA to "educate" Gov. Bush and Florida legislators on this matter? Not a Florida resident, but would love to hear from Florida CRNAs what's being done about this.
  4. by   gaspassah
    hey guys, i am currently in washington dc for a student mentoring program. to get what we want or to even attempt to get what we need, each individual crna, srna, or rn needs to get involved at the local level. write your congressmen, let them know you know who they are and develop a relationship with them. they will only know your needs if you tell them. or you can go to see them in their district offices.
    i am not saying it was the failure of the florida association. but each and every person must get involved at some level.