3 down

  1. 3rd. semester down, 4 to go. I don't know grades yet but I should have passed all 4 classes. Research is off the ground IRB proposal is submitted, and I'm leaving for the national meeting Thursday. I've also got a cold beer in hand. God I love this.
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  3. by   AL bug
    Hey Dave what is your grading scale? I moved to WV from AL and the grading scale here sucks. 80-86 C 87-93 B 94-100 A
    Plus if we make more than 2 C's we get to go home.
  4. by   WntrMute2
    Same here, graduate standards are higher. I think that all schools have similar grading standards. We fail if you get 2 Cs or get a C in an anesthesia, physiology etc class. Basically your only C can be in research, biochem or statistics maybe physics.
  5. by   braden74
    I have seen these scales too. How hard are you being graded though? My girlfriend is in a Speech Path grad program and she maintains a 3.8 GPA. I know it isn't the same rigorous program but she works hard and does well. Those of you who are in school for CRNA do you find that most people have very high GPA's?
  6. by   AL bug
    We are not in deep enough to know about how our GPA's are going to hold up. We have administration classes this summer and I have 3.8. We'll see when we get to the anesthesia classes this fall. I'm sure they will be tougher and a lot more interesting, I hope. I think it has been tough to get A's though. They don't come as easy as they always have. I have to study more now than ever before.
  7. by   lgcv
    I have had to study more than before as well. Most people do have high GPA's, but that is due mainly to lots of work rather than "easy A's".
  8. by   WntrMute2
    Our didactic classes at the college such as phys, chem, stats, research, anatomy are easier to deal with and score well on because they have the same instructers for the entire semester. The anesthesia classes are taught by different CRNAs and Docs. so there may be 6-10 lecturers per test and the test questions are not neccessarily writen by the one lecturing and certainly not the one grading. Just another challenge. BTW, our classes and clinicals all started the first semester. None of the first class then clinical. 2 weeks in we were in the OR. YMMV

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