1st week of clinicals

  1. I just had to share with you all my experiences in my first week of clinicals! We are in "orientation" period before Christmas. We are to report to our clinical site for 10 days before Christmas to "observe" and learn, then after the holidays, we start to work and get graded daily.
    So far, I have intubated Mal 1, done 3 spinals (2 were good, 3rd was a spotty block) and inserted a LMA!!! Today is only day 5!!!
    I just love the site and the preceptors. They are amazing! They make insertion of a spinal look easier than inserting an IV!! They are showing us the "art." So much for observing!
    I studied so hard, I knew all of the right names and doses. What kind of meds etc. But now it all makes sense. I am now begininning to understand the finesse!
    Our MDAs are really nice, too. They work as a team with us. They are always willing to explain something to us. (I may add, that the surgeons are willing to do the same).
    Did I mention, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!
    For those who don't know, I am in So. Cal in the Kaiser program.
    I look forward to hearing about your new experiences, too!
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  3. by   London88
    Your excitement is contagious. I cannot wait to start my clinicals in the fall. Hopefully many of us will have the positive experiences you are describing!