"Money to Train to Become a CRNA"

  1. I, personally, am not interested in becoming a CRNA, but wanted to share the content of this article I happened upon in the book by Matthew Lesko entitled "Free Money to Change your Life." Has anyone taken advantage of this program? here it is, from page 84:

    ("Nurse Aneshhetist Traineeships 93.124)
    Division of Nursing
    Bureau of Health Professions
    Health Resources and Services Administration
    Public Health Service
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    Room 9-36, 5600 Fishers Lane
    Rockville, MD 20857

    RNs can receive money to become nurse anesthetists through this program that provides funds for a maximum 18 month period of full time study. Nurses must complete 12 months of study in a nurse anesthetist program. Money can be used to support a student while completing the training program. Students need to apply to those institutions that have received the money. For a listing of institutions that received money contact the above office. Student stipend is usually $8,500 plus tuition and other expenses. Money available: $2,717,000."

    Somebody check it out and let us know how you fare, and if you have to sign over your first born or something!
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  3. by   HPlayBoyU
    This is not the right web address for the information.......what is the correct address???
  4. by   lgcv
    The money is available through the schools, a certain amount is allotted each year. It ends up being a few hundred dollars per student. You can not apply for it individually.
  5. by   stevierae
    Oh, I think I left out the period after "gov." Try that. I copied it directly from the book, so I know the letters are correct. You could also call that phone number: (301)-443-5763.
  6. by   stevierae
    I checked the book again; indeed, the website is exactly as I copied it; no period after "gov," so another solution, besides calling the phone number, would be to contact Matthew Lesko through his website, www.lesko.com, or call his too-free number at 1-800-UNCLE-SAM, and ask him for the updated info.

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