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  1. Really need some advice from some seasoned nurses! I am a late starter (43), raised my kids and now its my turn... I am just getting ready to graduate with an ADN. My goal is to be a CNM as quickly as possible. I have NO experience in L&D, but recognize it is critical. I am planning on relocating as soon as I graduate wherever I have to, to get that experience while I go to school. Can you please give me some advice... Quickest (but best) route to take. Whether you recommend the ADN to MSN programs, ADN to BSN then MSN etc. I am also looking at the new DN changes and would like to know if its possible to be "admitted" to a program so I can be considered grandfathered before the change takes place. I will have my license from the state of Florida if it matters in any conversation. I appreciate any sound advice. The "advertised" options on the web are endless but I want to hear from the "real people" Thanks!
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  3. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    Frontier has an almost 100% online ADN-MSN bridge program for Midwifery. That is what I'm doing. You can go four years part-time or 3 years full-time.