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  1. Hello. I am a confused twenty-something, more twenty than something but that sounds better, and I have decided to persue a career in this field. I am really interested in giving this a shot. The problem is I have more questions than answers. I know I have been fascinated by pregnancy and labor and delivery since the day I discovered that babies didn't come from the cabbage patch. I was more up to date on my aunt's three pregnancies than she was, after going to all of her appointments with her CNM, and watching the births of two of those babies, I knew I needed to, at very least, learn what it takes to excel as a CNM. I need the pros and the cons, good schools- preferably in the Worcester, Ma area, would really appreciate any input. This is not something I am casually exploring but I don't want make a major life decision without knowing all I can. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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    I was in your shoes last spring and decided to apply to a few accelerated BSN/MSN programs as I have a BA in something other than nursing. There are several routes to take, depending on whether you are an RN already, have a degree in something other than nursing (like liberal arts) or have not yet started college. The ACNM website, while very helpful, doesn't always have the most up to date information about programs. They are all listed here, although some of the info about which programs they offer isn't always accurate (for that I would recommend you go to the school's own website):
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    BAtoCNM- Thank you so much for your reply! The info you provided was really helpful. It is so nice to talk to others who have gone through this. I have been taking basic courses, working towards a general business degree for three years now. I would like to know what you think of the education -courses and clinicals you may have done- so far.

    Although I have nurses in my family, the information is not too useful. My grandmother was an ICU nurse then a Labor and Deliuvery nurse, but that was long ago. My uncle's wife is a young nurse, I watched her go through school, was a bridesmaid in her wedding, and helped plan her 30th birthday, so calling her an aunt is odd. She is trying to talk me out of this career, as she wants me to go to culinary school- you make one marzipan penguin and suddenly you're Julia Child. She is convinced I am too sensitive to be happy in this field, I disagree, but it would be good to get an idea of what it takes from an unbiased source who has been through this.
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    Marzipan penguins? Your post was hilarious.

    I have not started any classes yet; in fact, I am anxiously awaiting word from the programs I applied to as we speak. What I can tell you is what helped me decide to apply, which was:

    1) reading LOTS of books about midwifery and the role of CNMs. I highly recommend Midwifery and Childbirth in the United States by Rooks. It is more of a textbook but it's the most comprehensive history of where CNMs started, where they're going, etc that I have found.

    2) I scheduled informational interviews, some in person but most by phone, with midwives at different stages of their careers, most of whom had taken the accelerated route that I'm pursuing.

    3) I shadowed a CNM for a full shift on the labor and delivery floor.

    4) I also learn a lot from two blogs: one written by a midwife practicing in Malawi ( and another by a student midwife in NYC (

    Hope that helps! Best of luck as you decide on your future path. Remember, being a nurse is not the same as being a midwife, so your sister in law's opinion may or may not apply to you.
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    Marzipan Penguins. And let me just say, with all due modesty, they were much cuter than the hokey baby blue penquins Martha Stewart put on her Igloo Ice Cream cake. Blue pengins? For shame Martha! For shame! She must have had some staff flunkie do that. Does she have to do everything by herself? All joking aside, thanks for the links. I will check them out. I hope you get the good news you are waiting for. Good luck!