1. I was wondering how difficult other students are finding clinical sites and preceptors. I have little luck. My program has students doing most of the foot work as far as locating a site, but I have contacted MANY CNM's with no response.

    Any suggestions? I've done everything but show up in their offices.
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  3. by   Selke
    Your school should be helping you with this. Don't they have someone whose job it is to help students with clinical placement? They have to certify and approve clinical sites, after all. Talk with your program director.
  4. by   richelle362
    I called Frontier, where I am applying, and they gave me a list based on my zip code.
  5. by   Selke
    That list from Frontier may or may not be up to date. Some students have had problems with the official lists not being up to date (depends on where and who). Check out for CT midwifery practices. You can contact CNMs individually about preceptorship. Frontier gives you flexiblilty in terms of when you do your clinicals which is an advantage as you'd be competing with Yale students for clinical slots, but if you avoid spring (integration semester) you should be able to find somebody. Although Yale grads predominate in New England, Frontier grads have a presence too and give preference to FNS students. One of our IP instructors is based in NH and she's a FNS graduate. New England has a lot of practicing midwives and birth centers so you should not have a problem finding a preceptor. Call and schmooze your way through that website