pre-nursing student, needs answers to just a few interview questions

  1. Hello,
    I am currently in my college English class, and were doing a research report about our future career. I've wanted to be a nurse midwife ever since I had my son. After I'm done at my local community college, I'll be transferring to a larger university,and My goal is to become a nurse-midwife, however; first I am required to write a research paper about my future career choice, and to interview nurses in my field of interest.

    If any of you could answer any or even just a few questions for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You so much.

    1. How long have you been a midwife?

    2. Do you enjoy what you do?
    3. What are the tasks you preform?
    4. What kind of skills do you need for entry into your occupation?
    5. What made you want to be a nurse-midwife?
    6. How does you career affect your family?
    7. Are you ever been dissatisfied with your career?

    8. What is your typical day like?
    9. What aspects of your career most appeal to you?
    10. Do you have any advice for anyone looking into a nurse-midwife career path?

    Please private message me or respond with your answers. Any or all answers will be appreciated. Thank you
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